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Mega Sale is Live | Get Flat 10% OFF on Treats.

Tick Solution

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SavaVet Fiprofort Anti-Tick Spray 100 ml


SavaVet Fiprofort Anti-Tick Spray 100 ml Brand- Sava Vet Size- 100 ml Type- Anti-Tick Spray Features For Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens Fast Acti...

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Original price Rs. 425.00 - Original price Rs. 425.00
Original price Rs. 425.00
Rs. 425.00
Rs. 425.00 - Rs. 425.00
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Buy Anti Tick and Flea Spray and Spot on for Your Dog’s Shiny and Healthy Skin

Even in the best of circumstances, keeping ticks at bay is a challenge if you've ever had to remove a completely engorged tick from the folds of skin behind your dog's ear. Tick season used to be confined to the spring and summer months; depending on where you live, you'd usually get a reprieve by late autumn, when the cold weather killed off the majority of them. Ticks may transmit a variety of diseases to dogs if they are not protected, including Lyme disease, canine ehrlichiosis, canine anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Because ticks are so little and easy to overlook — Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks can be as small as poppy seeds — tick inspections should be done on a frequent basis.

Many safe and efficient flea control solutions for dogs are available over the counter or with a veterinarian's prescription. Ticks, heartworms, intestinal parasites, mites, and biting flies are among the parasites that many products kill or prevent. It might be difficult to find a safe and efficient flea and tick treatment for dogs. There are several items accessible, each of which is unique. Consult your veterinarian before selecting a flea preventative for your dog. Choose products that are ideal for your dog based on temperament and lifestyle, as well as the parasites that are most common in your area. 


City pet, India’s finest pet care solution provides amazing anti-tick and flea tablets for dogs as well as some of the best flea and tick pills to avoid any kind of degradation in your dog’s health. Freedom flea and tick spray, which aids in the detection and elimination of ticks is also available here. Its biggest advantage over other oral medicines, according to veterinarians, is that it protects dogs from ticks and fleas for three months at a time, rather than one month. Kills implanted ticks and fleas in as short as 12 hours and two hours, respectively. 


Shop Best Tick Removal Spray Online For Dogs and Puppies

Dogs are becoming human friends now and then and just like we care for our friends, we do the same for our dogs. City pet ensures your dog’s demands are in check and provides a  plethora of anti-tick and flea sprays to keep those tiny ticks at bay.

  1. Venky's Freedom Dog Anti-tick Spray

If you're looking for a dog tick removal spray to get rid of ticks and fleas in your cats and dogs, you've come to the correct spot. Venky's Freedom Spray, which is now available at City pet, is a very efficient pet spray that kills ticks and fleas on your pet. Fipronil is the key ingredient, which is a skin-friendly chemical that successfully eliminates ectoparasites. The spray is made entirely of non-toxic components and may be used on cats and dogs of all breeds. Venky's Freedom Spray is not absorbed by your pet's skin, so it lasts longer and provides more advantages. Ticks and fleas are removed, and your dog's skin is kept fresh and healthy.

  1. IntasNayflee dog anti-tick spray 

The Intas flea and tick spray is used to effectively manage fleas and ticks on the pet's coat and is the best tick spray for dogs. It makes the pet's coat shiny and glossy. It has no harmful effects and protects the pet's coat from damage. Its simple application makes it convenient for the user.

  1. Pet Mankind Extick anti-tick and flea spray

Pet Mankind Extick anti-tick and flea spray was developed specifically for the efficient and effective treatment of ticks and fleas on cats and dogs. Ticks and fleas are reduced by using a spray that contains Propoxur, an ectoparasitic. The tick killer spray comes in an easy-to-use container, and it's mild on the skin and won't irritate it (rashes or irritation). Spray the damaged areas of your pet's body with the solution. Brush against the direction of the hair with a strong comb while spraying. Apply to the paws, legs, and tail as needed. Repeat the treatment twice a week if the infestation is severe.


Natural methods to kill ticks and fleas 


Ticks are vexing parasites that may afflict both humans and animals, spreading illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. While the best approach to avoid tick-borne diseases is to avoid ticks at all costs or to fumigate your home, there are a few natural tick treatments.

  1. Use salt

Tick larvae and eggs may be killed with regular table salt by dehydrating them until they fall apart. Salt is a natural tick killer itself. Ticks may be killed in your home by putting salt on your floor and furniture at night, then vacuuming it up in the morning. Leave a heavy coating of salt on your carpeted flooring for at least a week before vacuuming.


  1. Go for dishwashing liquids

Ticks on your pet may be killed with any dishwashing liquid. Apply a large amount of soap on your pet's coat (more than you would for a typical bath). Allow 15-30 minutes for your pet to soak in the soap. Rinse well and let your pet to air dry inside. Keep in mind that your pet's skin may get irritated as a result of this.

  1. Prefer essential oils 

Essential oils are not only pleasant to smell, but they are also effective tick repellents. Lemon, orange, cedar, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, and rose geranium are all repellent to ticks, and they will avoid adhering to anything that smells like them. Any combination of these oils can be used to produce a spray.

  1. Choose neem oil 

Neem oil for ticks is a natural repellant and exterminator. Using the palm of your hand, apply a few drops to any exposed skin. It can be mixed with almond oil or any other light carrier oil and diluted. When you apply a drop or two of neem oil directly on the tick, it will quickly detach itself from the skin.


Ticks like warm, dry climates, which is why they may be found in dense grasses and forested areas. To limit the number of ticks in your yard that may potentially find a host in you or your pets, mow the grass around your house. Maintain a short grass that is properly watered. 

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