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Original price Rs. 225.00
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Scoobee Express Reboost Dog Body Spray 100 ml


Scoobee Express Reboost Dog Body Spray  100 ml

Original price Rs. 225.00 - Original price Rs. 225.00
Original price Rs. 225.00
Rs. 225.00
Rs. 225.00 - Rs. 225.00
Current price Rs. 225.00

Buy Best Dog Perfume Online at City pet

Dog owners frequently complain about unpleasant odors. Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons why your dog may stink. Some dogs enjoy rolling about in foul-smelling substances whenever they have the opportunity, while others may stink due to their coat, the regularity with which you bathe them, or simply genetic oddities that generate nasty odors. In fact, due to a variety of features such as skin folds and coat type, certain dog breeds are just stickier than others. And honestly, there’s no better solution to this instead of using a good dog deodorizer spray. Dog Perfumes, for example, can be used to enhance your four-legged friend's scent in between bathing or as a finishing touch after cleaning. Some owners keep them on hand simply for brief spritzes before meeting up with other people or dogs. It's worth noting that not all dogs will like Dog Perfume because it can mask their natural fragrance, so you'll have to observe how yours reacts. 


There are a lot of dog Perfumes in the market, which makes it difficult for owners to choose the ideal one for their dog. However, the following factors can help you narrow down your choices: 

  • Use a dog-specific Perfume. Use dog deodorant instead of human deodorant. Because human and dog skin have different pH levels, human-oriented skin creams may cause irritation and dryness. Choose a deodorant made exclusively for your four-footer instead.


  • Consider the deodorizer's fragrance profile. Your dog's deodorant should have a scent that you like, whether it's lavender or a more neutral scent like baby powder because it will get on his bedding and toys, as well as his coat.


  • Test the solution on the spot. Above all, you must choose an alternative that does not annoy your dog. It's a good idea to test a little amount of deodorant on an area of your dog's coat before committing to a full-body spritzing. 


  • Allow your dog to rest for a few hours before checking for any indications of inflammation. This way, you can make whether the deodorant is a good fit for your pet before making a full commitment. Options that are fragrance-free are sometimes the best. While most deodorants employ a scent to hide your dog's odors, a few are specifically developed to eliminate your pet's nasty odors rather than just hiding them. For pets or owners with sensitive sniffers, they may be the best alternative.

Make Sure Your Dog Always Smells Fresh With Dog Body Odour Sprays


Make sure you choose an option that is simple to implement. The majority of dog deodorants are available as sprays or wipes. Sprays may be the most effective for some, while wipes work just as well for others. Sprays are often better for improving your dog's smell right away, but wipes help to clean your dog while also making him smell better. One of the best dog sprays in our selection is Loselo spray. It's a blend of exotic scents that gives you a feeling of freshness that lasts all day. Aloe vera extract present in the Loselo is a natural moisturizer that also protects against the sun's rays. Sunscreen is included in the spray to protect skin from sunburn and premature aging. It eliminates odor and leaves a pleasant scent behind. It's the perfect dog freshener spray with the ideal balance of water base and freshness for your pet at all times.


At City pet, you can find an amazing collection of dog sprays from different brands such as Pet Mankind, Biolin, Super Fresh, and much more. Not only that, we have managed to ensure our products are delivered on time and that your pet friends remain odor-free. 

Use best quality branded Deo spray or Perfume to Prevent Your Dog from Stinking


As far as it sounds weird, pet odors could be nasty. Your dog is undoubtedly enamored with its odor. It's their mark on the world, their identity. Consider their nasty hot dog breath, which gets all over their toys and bed, as well as your face and neck. Dogs, like people, have oily skin and waxy ear build-up. Did you know that they sweat through their feet as well? There's a lot of dog stink to deal with there. Fortunately, there is a slew of options for getting rid of that canine odor in your home. We won't lie to you: you have a variety of options depending on how strong the odor is, but the most reliable is to use a deodorant spray or a dog scent. 


Dog perfumes are particularly developed to mask that "doggy odor" while avoiding irritation to your pet's skin, eyes, or nose. The perfume, on the other hand, should not be used to replace your dog's normal bath. It should be utilized to enhance their fragrance instead. Groomers often use dog perfumes as a ‘finishing touch. Citrus, lavender, and chamomile smells have been shown to reduce anxiety in our pets, particularly anxiety associated to travel, without having any detrimental side effects. Other scents can help to mask unpleasant odors that are typical in dogs. Using perfume after a long walk or in between grooming is a fantastic idea. Dog scents are safe to use on our pets if they are used in moderation and do not include any harsh chemicals.


Get the Best Perfume for your Dog At City Pet 


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