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How to Keep Your Pet Heathy

Now a days most of the people are having a Pet at their home. As a Pet Owner, first question which we ask ourself, is How to keep our Pet Healthy. People asks for expensive food, imported pet products to keep them fit, but it’s not a good idea. Here we are to providing you the right information that how we can keep our pet healthy.

Choose Right Food

1. Choose the Right Dog Food - In Pet Industry, there are thousands of brand like Royal Canin, Pedigree, Drools, Origin, Acana, N&D, Supercoat Purina and many others are available which are selling many types of pet food in India. Here the Pet Owner are confused, which is the best dog food for their pets. Most of us think that, costly imported foods are always good. It’s not like that. In Market, Different foods are available for a specific breed, size, weight and age. Each dog’s body requirement is different. According to your pet need, you can choose the right food. You can choose and buy dog food online, various range is available at online Pet store.


2. Exercise- Regular exercise is the one of the most important part of Pet’s daily life to keep them healthy. Different breeds needs different level of exercises and space. Some working Dogs like German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, Belgian Malinois needs a lot of exercise, daily walking, and a big space. While Some toy Breed (Small size Dogs) can be kept in small size apartment. Daily walking and playing with a ball or toys are sufficient exercise for them. Their energy level is high but if you are giving them proper time to play, then it’s sufficient.


3. Grooming-Grooming of Pets, includes Bathing , Hair brushing, Combing, Nail trimming etc. Grooming is important because it keeps your pet’s skin and hair healthy. You can get some best quality dog shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorizer, Hair Brush & Comb and other grooming products and tools. You can use them at home and give your pet a healthy coat.

Paw Care

4. Paw Care-You can care your Pet’s paw easily. You can get some Paw care foam, and use it daily after coming back from walking. It keeps your pet’s paw clean and healthy. You can also maintain hygiene.

Balanced Nutrition

5. Balanced Nutrition- Without a Complete Balanced Nutrition pet can’t be 100% fit and healthy. Each nutrition is important for a complete growth of your pet. For a specific nutrition requirement, you need to consult with a Nutrition Expert, that will guide you about your pet’s need and You can know how to fulfil it. There are some Free online Pet Consultant services available, where you can get help regarding all your pet’ need.

Ticks Removal

6. Ticks and Fleas- To keep ticks and fleas away from your pets, there are some products, which we can use. For puppies we can use a Pick Powder daily, and we can use a Puppy Tick Shampoo for bath. For Adult or Grown up dogs, we can use Anti-Tick Spray and some spot on products are availale in Market. For good result you can choose a perfect Anti tick product from online pet store.

Ear Care

7. Ear Cleaning-- As human, Pet’s ear are also need to be checked. To keep ear clean, you can use a Pet Ear cleanser drop. Some effective ear cleanser available in the market or you can also buy online

Dental Care

8. Teeth and Gums Cleaning-To Keep Pet’s teeth clean and healthy, we have many options which we can apply. Some treat like chew sticks, Pedigree dentastix, Drools Brush, Rawhide bone and other dentals treats are available for pet snacks, which helps to reduce tarter build up, support gum health. You can use some pet accessories like Pet tooth brush to clean pet’s teeth. To prevent bad breath you can use some mouth freshner.


9. Deworming-Deworming is a very important part of Pet health care. Most of pets having worms in their stomach, which are responsible for pet health issues. You can get prescription from your vet about pet deworming, or you can also consult with Free Pet Consultancy online.


10. Socialization-- Now You will think that how is the socialization is related to a Pet’s Health. Yes, it’s also a most important part of Pet Health Care. As we all know, like a human pet also needs attention and love. It’s important to mix your pet with humans, they seek your attention, when they get a proper care, love and attention from the pet parents, they feel very happy and you’ll keep your pet away from depression and anxiety.